The Optimal Present for a Job Seeker

I work with many people in job transition and I always wonder what I can do to make their search more successful. It is hard to empathize with someone in transition unless you have been there, and the emotions that job seekers go through range from highs and lows that resemble a roller-coaster ride.

I am writing this post to encourage each of you who read this to seek out and help someone you know that is in job transition. You may know many people or you may know just a few, but make a focused effort to help as many as you can.

You may ask, “What can I do?” Let me offer you a few suggestions that I think will be of great assistance. You may choose to use this list or create one of your own. Either way, do something to make a difference.

Here is my list:

1. Call and ask how they are doing? We often assume that we know how a job seeker is doing? Don’t assume, ask.

2. When you call, also ask how you can help. Checking in is great, but see how you can help. They may say they are fine, but at least ask.

3. Invite them to an event or party you may be attending. Many job seekers haveratcheted down their social schedule. This takes them away from meeting many people in happy and potentially useful social settings. Invite a friend to go with you to your events. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Connect with them on a Social Network. This one only works well if you have a social network presence. There are no bad connections, but also see if there is someone you know that might be beneficial to your friend.

5. Spend some time with your friends. Time and attention can make a substantial impact, especially during the holidays. If you are not attending an event where you can take your transitioning friend, create one, even if it is just soup and a toasted cheese sandwich (one of my favorites ) People know you value them when you spend time with them.

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