Presents, Presence, and Being Present Equals Success

Present and presence are two words that sound the same but have different meaning. We all love presents. Presents are gifts we receive or give to others. Presence is the way we project ourselves or how others see us. Presents are tangible. Presence is felt internally by us and by others. Both contribute to our happiness and success.

Are you using the presents you were given? It is very uncomfortable to go through life trying to be the square peg and fit yourself into the round hole. God gave each of us unique gifts. These are his presents to us. Sometimes people go through life and never open the presents he gave them. I don’t want you to be that person.

I remember growing up being shamed for wanting to open a present. This prevented me from using that gift and honing that talent. Parents mean well when teaching their children to be modest and humble. They mean well when they teach their children to be practical and to operate in a safe zone. But, these are also limiting behaviors.

In order to be a success and use the gifts given to you by God you must be willing to be bold and operate from a place that is not always safe. You must be willing to take a risk. God has given you many presents in the form of your unique talents and he wants you to use them. You owe it to not only yourself, but also to mankind, to hone your unique talents and share them with others.

Presence is the way you project yourself. When you walk into a room do heads turn? When you speak do people listen? How do others feel when they are around you? Are they scared and on edge, happy, or at peace? The way you project yourself is done internally. You are often not even aware of your presence.

To be successful you must be aware of your presence. There are times you need to walk into the room and own it. You need to exude confidence and mastery. There will be others times when you need to tone it down and be almost invisible. You don’t want your coworkers or employees scared of you, but you do want them to respect you. You want them to know that you are someone they can trust.

It takes someone less than 10 seconds to look at you and sum up an opinion about you. The way you dress, your personal grooming, and your body language all contribute to the opinion the person forms about and your skills. The internal vibe you give off can be positive or negative. Do you make people feel uncomfortable, less than, or inferior by the way you speak or look at them? Are you the person that has an uncanny ability to make people relax and feel good about themselves?

Being present is the third contributor to success. You must be cognizant of how you show up each day. Are you focused and free from distractions? Much of the day is wasted by mismanaging time because the person is not focused and present. Business owners often find themselves operating as an employee instead of making decisions that can grow the business. Job seekers waste away the day worrying about their outdated skills instead of sharpening their skills by practicing.

When you use the presents you were given, are aware of your presence, and ensure you are being present each day, you will greatly improve your chances of being a success at whatever you choose to do.

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