Living a Stress Free Life by Constant Contemplation in the Present Moment

To live moment to moment of a stress free life in this modern, fast paced, strenuous life indeed sounds impossible. However, it can be accomplished. One needs to take the opportunity to pause for a short moment and get into the mode of that thoughtless state. And doing this suddenly, there is a chance for that energy to open up for that thoughtless moment. And by practice even that small moment spent will take you to that unknown dimension of non doing and continues to add-up to greater heights of feelings.

Live in this moment

You often hear people complaining or throwing remarks that the year has passed so fast and they regret of not having achieved much. But when you attain such a stress-free state which is the focus of the present moment, things go slow. Not that the time is moving slow or fast as what people complain, time is actually moving at its own pace, neither a second slower nor a second faster.

But when one is so busy thinking and is concerned about the past and future, he will not be in tune with the natural movement of the existence thus, gets disillusioned with the movement of time. But we are so used to timing everything that we have forgotten about life itself. And we must realize that this fulfilling moment is beyond time or timeless.

Get to this present moment where time has stopped and you will feel that refreshing stress-free moment. Get away from the world and enter into this thoughtless moment.

Doing against silencing

Man has gone into the habit of doing things. The workaholics are controlling the world. People who do nothing are scoffed at and asked to do at least something. And Man has begun to feel guilty and out of society if he is not doing anything. Therefore, naturally anguish takes over the moment a free moment comes.

But look at it closely, the strain of life is caused more by doing things rather than remaining quiet. Even when one is quiet, one’s thoughts are engaged in something. Even when one is asleep, one is still doing something such as dreaming.

Stop and feel the moment

To live in this moment is fulfilling. Lord Buddha said ‘Live in this moment’. Living here-now is fulfilling. Despite the screeching and honking of the cars or the jarring of musical machines, the mind can be silent.

So, stop the next time when you are in the midst of doing something and contemplate on this moment, But do it suddenly. Doing it suddenly will get the mind caught unawares and it takes sometime for it to renew its thoughts again. So at this moment of gap just be silent and enjoy it. So, the next time you remember it, jerk yourself and get into that moment of silence. Do at least half a minute each time for at least six times a day. That adds up to three minutes a day.

If one can do more often, the better it is. By and by you will become more aware of that thoughtless moment and you have attained the synchronicity of that thoughtless, stress free state.

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