How to Find Cool Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

His birthday is coming up and you are panicking. You have absolutely no ideas and he is not telling you a word about things that he would like to get. How should you find cool birthday presents for boyfriends that will be just right for him? You don’t even know if he likes cool things at all and you can’t remember him having said anything about things that he would like. OK, he mentioned a new car but that is not within your budget or appropriate for your relationship. Here are some ways for you to find him a cool gift in no time at all…

Big or small

First of all, determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend on birthday presents for boyfriends, and how much is normal at this point? It is not a good idea to give a very expensive gift if you just met and he knows that you are living on a tight budget. The best gift will not give him a bad conscious so look at things that are within your budget. If size matters you can always go for something big that costs a little or something small that costs a fortune. Remember that it is the thought that counts. You could even craft your own gift and make it the best thing he ever got.


There are plenty of cool gadgets to get for a boyfriend. He doesn’t even have to be into them. If you get him something that he can truly use he will enjoy discovering this. Make it personal by adding your initials or something sweet like that. If you know that he loves gadgets it should be simple to find out if his cell phone needs a new cover or if he would like something new for his car. These kinds of gadgets don’t have to be over the top when it comes to price and you can get them through reliable online stores.

Do something together

Don’t forget that you can give him some of your time and company. This might not sound like your regular type of birthday presents for boyfriends, but it can be the most original. Make a pick nick in a strange place or have a date on a roof top. There are so many things that you can do that will become memories for life. Just like you can find lists and gift guides online you can find event ideas to get inspired by. Maybe it is time to head for a spa experience together. This way you will both thoroughly enjoy his birthday!

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