Christmas Presents for Your Kid Brother

Christmas is falling after a few weeks and you are excited as it is an opportunity to reunite with your family. You are working as an executive with an MNC in a foreign country and returning to your country after a gap of 7 months. You have missed your mom and dad too much, and yes, also your kid brother whom you love dearly. You have planned a big bash on Christmas but have yet not decided what you will be giving as Christmas presents to everyone back home. There is nothing to worry though as the market is full of all sorts of Christmas gifts to suit everyone’s budget and requirements. You are not worried about your parents as it is easy to buy Christmas gifts for them. But you know that your kid brother will be expecting something big from you as you are now a working man. To bail you out from this tough situation, here are some outdoor activities that have become very popular as Christmas presents in the last few years.

Story Bridge Climb

You live in Brisbane and have crossed the Story Bridge made across the River Brisbane on a number of occasions. How about climbing the bridge with your kid brother? Well, of late, Story Bridge Climb has become a sporting activity in itself with people being allowed to climb the gigantic steel structure which is a 777 meter climb. It is a fun filled activity with a lot of thrill and excitement and when you attempt it competing with your brother, you know he will be thrilled to pieces. Now that climbers have been allowed to carry their digital cameras, Story Bridge Climb has become even more exciting. You can take as many pictures of your brother climbing the bridge. When you two reach the top, you will get a spectacular view of the city of Brisbane, which in itself is a great feeling. The entire activity takes about 2.5 hours and you can ask mom and dad to stay behind. This would be a wonderful present on the occasion of Christmas for your dear brother.

Tuff Trucks

This is an excellent recreational activity that has been designed to provide a lot of thrill and fun to those who take part in it. These are funny looking vehicles with huge tires and small bodies so made to allow these trucks to overcome all obstacles that come in its way. Initially it is a bit difficult to control the truck but once you learn how to drive, it becomes a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge too. Today there are specially created tracks for tuff trucks driving and lot of people enjoy it much the same way they see it in cartoon films. You can buy gift vouchers for the two of you and enjoy tuff trucks either sitting in the same truck or competing with your brother.

I am sure your brother will just love these unusual sporting activities as Christmas gifts.

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