Business Stress Relief – 3 Top Tips For a Great Business Presentation Without the Stress

Business presentations can be very productive or they can be very stressful. The best business presentations are the ones that are stress reduced and full of positive productive energy.

1) Preparation is the first step- but what preparation is necessary to reduce stress? You have to know your topic or the agenda in plenty of time. The highest stress factors are reached when the agenda, if an agenda is even used, is shared minutes before the meeting. A stressful meeting can be produced with an agenda that is shared even 4 hours before the meeting. No matter what is being discussed if adequate preparation is not done then meeting is headed for disaster and stress. You must prepare a complete agenda and share it sometimes as early as a week before the meeting and readdress the agenda a few days before the meeting so that all the participants have plenty of time to prepare their material.

2) Having adequate seating for all the participants- this may seem very simple but if you have to stop the meeting to add extra chairs or tables this distracts from the material being discussed and the speaker. You need to get a list of people who are going to be at the meeting and confirm their commitment. Some meetings need a quorum to conduct an effective meeting.

3) Have an alternate plan- extreme stress occurs when a planned presentation is canceled because the speaker is sick or can not get to the meeting from put of town. An alternative speaker who knows the planned presentation is necessary in this case. If the planned presentation is something very specific and only one person can give the presentation then an alternate presentation must be done. This may mean a rather flexible agenda. Remember the more details that go into a meeting the more possibilities for problems and for stress. You desire is to keep a clear, relaxed, positive mindset and keep in control of the meeting and the preparations.

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