Baby Boy Presents

These days, with ultrasound scanning being done during the pregnancy, many moms-to-be already know whether their baby’s going to be a boy or a girl. This makes it easier to plan the nursery color scheme, buy linen, furnishings and baby items in the right color early enough so that when you come home with the baby, everything is ready and organized for you. However, if you’re a family member or friend of the parents of a baby boy, you can choose from a wide range of gifting ideas and pick the one that fits your budget, the age of the baby and the parents’ lifestyle.

In an earlier era, the gifts that were given to baby boys and baby girls were completely different especially as they grew older. However, nowadays with gender-equality and gender stereotyping being issues that concern all of us, the gifts that are given to babies are more gender neutral and largely from the point of view of practicality, fun, mental stimulation and less to do with the sex of the child. However, some gifting conventions still hold good, hence choosing a gift for a baby boy can veer more towards stuffed toy animals, board-books or cloth-books, stroller blankets, sleeping bags and snuggle-sacks or comforters and towels in shades like blue, gray, white, navy, brown or red.

Clothing and Apparel: Tiny baseball outfits, caps, socks and mittens, sleeping-suits, bibs, soft booties, towels and blankets, bloomers and leggings, warm sweaters, scarves and coats, personalized towels, stroller-sheets and blankets, jump-suits and baby-cocoons with caps, tiny swimming trunks, leg-warmers and socks etc are some of the presents you can get for a baby boy.

Toys and games: The first year of a baby’s life is the most important in terms of brain-growth and mental development. Hence, a wide range of early-years toys, books, puzzles, games and activity sets are available. These are great for baby boys’ presents and you’ll provide hours of fun and entertainment for both parents and baby. Musical DVDs, story-telling DVDs, rhymes and dance music etc can provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Furniture: Cribs, small armoires or chest-of-drawers, lightweight plastic rocking chairs, table-and-chair sets, baby-sized blackboards and easels, play huts and tents, walkers, flip-stools and clothes-racks and hangers are all very useful presents which can last throughout childhood.

Other gifts may include gift-vouchers to various large baby-product stores in town, miniature golf, tennis or baseball sets, pop-up books, cloth-books, bath accessories like plastic or rubber toys, luxury keepsakes like silver spoons and drinking mugs, albums, personalized sleep-wear, monogrammed towels and bibs etc.

Whatever the present you choose for a baby boy, ensure that it’s manufactured from pure, non-allergenic and baby-safe materials, which are non-toxic and don’t chip, scratch or fray easily and don’t have sharp edges.

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