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Negotiation – Presentation

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Successful negotiation of a new buyer/vendor relationship requires thorough preparation and an excellent presentation. Before you can present, you must be certain you have your negotiating partner’s undivided attention. Offering coffee or soft drinks sets a relaxed and attentive stage; negotiating over lunch can be destructive and counterproductive – however much we might like the idea of the three-martini lunch.

During the presentation itself, avoid unrelated conversation. Organize your presentation in eight steps:

1). What you are offering?
2). What do you need from your partner?
3). Why is this mutually beneficial?
4). What benefits are they receiving other than what may be obvious?
5). What would you like in return?
6). Why is this arrangement in their best interests, short and long term?
7). What facts or assumptions support your proposal?
8). What statement can you make that reinforces your past, present, and continuing relationship or suggests how a positive beginning will create the foundation for an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship?

PowerPoint™ Presentation:

• Maximum eight pages
• Each page with no more than four bullets
• Each bullet includes eight words
• Include a graph or photo page
• Don’t read from your slides but use it as a guideline for your discussion

Here are a few other important factors to keep in mind while making your presentation.

A) Are your tone and posture appropriate?
B) Are your expectations realistic?
C) Is there another supplier that could be your competition, and are they aware of this?
D) How assertive do you need to be at this stage? (Recall past situations if there have been any.)

While you are presenting, make some careful observations:

A) Are your negotiating partners attentive?
B) What can you tell from their expressions and body language?
C) Are notes being taken? On what points?
D) Have you captured their interest?
E) Do they appear excited about the offer?
F) What verbal responses are you receiving?

You may not receive, nor should you expect, a final decision on the first presentation. There are factors which they may need to research such as those magic words again: availability, revenue yield, yield management, room allocations, deposit requirements, and perhaps, competitive proposals.

If a decision is not being rendered, you should make the move to schedule a follow-up visit or conversation at a specific time and date. Maintaining some control over the closing is as important as setting the proper mood and posture at the opening.

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Smarter Presentations For Mortgage Brokers

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As a Mortgage Broker every conversation you have with another person (with an objective in mind) should be viewed as a presentation.

Whether you are building a relationship that will lead to a loan application, getting a Realtor to send you referrals, persuading someone to your point of view or getting someone to say yes to dinner and a movie you are giving a presentation. In fact, every time you try to convince anybody of anything – you are making a presentation. It could be on the phone, in person, one-on-one or in a group. If you counted them, you might actually be making hundreds of presentations each day!

For most of us, our lives are basically a series of interactions with the people we come into contact with everyday. Because most of us can’t choose our co-workers, colleagues or customers, we must rely on these (random) interactions to move us closer to our personal and career objectives.

The quality of our “presentation” is one of the secrets to success. The “smarter” we are, the more success we will have. Here are six essential principle of making “smarter presentations”:

1. Know your audience. Steven Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. Dale Carnegie said, “Take the time to find out what the person wants and spend the rest of the time helping them get it”. You can study personality types and sales techniques all you want, but the secret to knowing your audience is simple. Before you begin any presentation, focus your attention on learning the audiences’ objectives and then take the time to show them how they can achieve it. In the process getting to know your audience, the “Law of Reciprocity” will allow you to ask for what you need in order to help them get what they want.

“Smart presentations” are customized to fit the audience, not the objective. Remember that the success of the presentation will be determined by the person or people that make up your audience. Find out what they want and adjust your presentation accordingly so you can show them how you can help them get it.

2. Why is more important than how. The most effective way to persuade people to your point of view is to focus on “why” they should do what you want them to do. Persuading and selling are not the same as training. When persuading a borrower to give us a loan application our focus should be on “why” they should choose us versus what is involved in getting a loan approved and funded. People are just like us. They are driven by basic “wants and needs”. The most successful Mortgage Brokers tailor their presentations to focus on learning the borrowers “wants and needs”. Once they have succeeded in their persuasion, then “how” becomes part of the implementation step.

3. Keep it simple. Sometimes we tend to make presentations that are more complicated than they need to be. It is more important to make sure the person we are persuading understands our presentation. When we complicate our presentation, we tend to confuse the people we are presenting to. This is a problem because a confused mind says no or maybe. Where possible you want to show them what you are telling them for four reasons.

- You will appear more prepared and more professional
- You will appear more knowledgeable
- You will be more credible (People believe what they read)
- Your presentation will be easier to understand

4. Be the emotional choice. Many Mortgage Brokers feel that they must compete on rate and fees in order to convert prospects into loan applications. The reality is that more important than rates and fees are whether prospects can trust you to guide them through the maze of mortgage options and help them make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Most Mortgage Brokers give logical presentations and stay focused on rates, fees, payments and terms. The problem with a logical presentation is that it is easy for the borrower to assume that the only difference between one Mortgage Broker and another are their rates and fees and that the best way to get a mortgage is get three bids and make a decision. A logical presentation actually encourages shopping.

The smart presenter understands that people buy based on emotion and later justify their decision with logic. As a result, smart presenters’ get people emotionally involved by finding out

- What the prospect wants
- Why the prospect wants it
- How they are going to feel when they get it

What is the primary emotional benefit the person you are persuading is going to get as a result of their interaction with you? Find out. In the process, you will improve rapport and grow the trust you need to become the emotional choice. People like to do business with people who are sincerely interested in understanding their needs and helping them get it.

5. Control the process, not the prospect. Many of you have been told to “get control” of your prospect. The problem with trying to control a prospect is that it is manipulative and easy for a prospect to see through. Attempts to control your prospect will yield resistance to your efforts that will lead to your failure to persuade. Instead, focus on controlling the process.
In any conversation, the person that asked the last question is in control of the conversation. In a sales situation, the person who is asking the questions is in control of the process. You can’t make people do what they don’t want to do. Asking questions will not only allow you to maintain control of the presentation, it will allow you to uncover valuable information that you can use to better serve the prospect.

6. Be prepared. Smart presenters are prepared for all scenarios. There is no substitute for product knowledge. If you are not up to speed on product knowledge, you must seek that knowledge now. It only takes a few minutes of effort each day to grow in knowledge and confidence. Become an expert in your field. Your ability to instantly service the prospects need for information, will determine how deep you go into the sales process. The deeper you go into the sales process, the greater the likelihood you will make the sale.

Smart presenters are confident they have the answers or can get them easily. They are prepared to offer alternatives. Failure to service your prospects need for information could provoke them to seek the information from another source. In effect, when you can’t or wont serve the borrowers need for information, you are teaching them to go down the road and ask someone else for that information. In the end, the Mortgage Broker who best services the borrowers need for information, will be the Mortgage Broker that earns that borrowers business.

Are you “Selling Smarter”? Commit today to apply these principles of giving “smarter presentations”. In the process you will persuade a much higher percentage of the people you come into contact with. These same people will also be more inclined to do business with you again or to refer others to you so that you can help them get what they want too.

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Living a Stress Free Life by Constant Contemplation in the Present Moment

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To live moment to moment of a stress free life in this modern, fast paced, strenuous life indeed sounds impossible. However, it can be accomplished. One needs to take the opportunity to pause for a short moment and get into the mode of that thoughtless state. And doing this suddenly, there is a chance for that energy to open up for that thoughtless moment. And by practice even that small moment spent will take you to that unknown dimension of non doing and continues to add-up to greater heights of feelings.

Live in this moment

You often hear people complaining or throwing remarks that the year has passed so fast and they regret of not having achieved much. But when you attain such a stress-free state which is the focus of the present moment, things go slow. Not that the time is moving slow or fast as what people complain, time is actually moving at its own pace, neither a second slower nor a second faster.

But when one is so busy thinking and is concerned about the past and future, he will not be in tune with the natural movement of the existence thus, gets disillusioned with the movement of time. But we are so used to timing everything that we have forgotten about life itself. And we must realize that this fulfilling moment is beyond time or timeless.

Get to this present moment where time has stopped and you will feel that refreshing stress-free moment. Get away from the world and enter into this thoughtless moment.

Doing against silencing

Man has gone into the habit of doing things. The workaholics are controlling the world. People who do nothing are scoffed at and asked to do at least something. And Man has begun to feel guilty and out of society if he is not doing anything. Therefore, naturally anguish takes over the moment a free moment comes.

But look at it closely, the strain of life is caused more by doing things rather than remaining quiet. Even when one is quiet, one’s thoughts are engaged in something. Even when one is asleep, one is still doing something such as dreaming.

Stop and feel the moment

To live in this moment is fulfilling. Lord Buddha said ‘Live in this moment’. Living here-now is fulfilling. Despite the screeching and honking of the cars or the jarring of musical machines, the mind can be silent.

So, stop the next time when you are in the midst of doing something and contemplate on this moment, But do it suddenly. Doing it suddenly will get the mind caught unawares and it takes sometime for it to renew its thoughts again. So at this moment of gap just be silent and enjoy it. So, the next time you remember it, jerk yourself and get into that moment of silence. Do at least half a minute each time for at least six times a day. That adds up to three minutes a day.

If one can do more often, the better it is. By and by you will become more aware of that thoughtless moment and you have attained the synchronicity of that thoughtless, stress free state.

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BDSM Protocol – How to Successfully Present Yourself to a Pro-Domme (Dominatrix) In Six Simple Steps

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A Pro-Domme, also called a Dominatrix or Mistress, is a professional who engages in BDSM activity with clients. These clients take on the submissive role (or “bottom”) during a session. Typical activities engaged in may include: dominance and submission (D/s), sadomasochism (S&M), fetish play, bondage, and discipline. While BDSM activities are highly charged both emotionally and sexually, sex is not included in the services of a Pro-Domme.

Many clients present themselves to a prospective Mistress in an unfavorable way, which results in them not being given that precious opportunity to serve. Sometimes clients can find a Pro-Domme who will session with them, only to discover that the so called “Dominatrix” is inexperienced or lacking in skills. As the saying goes, “a good Domme is hard to find.” This difficulty in finding a Mistress often occurs due to the submissive’s naivete or because he possesses a “Dive Bar Attitude.” However, by following six simple steps when approaching a Pro-Domme, it is highly unlikely that a prospective client will not be given an opportunity to serve a professional.

What is a “Dive Bar Attitude?”

Many prospective clients present themselves to a Pro-Domme inappropriately because they possess what I’ve termed a “Dive Bar Attitude.” When a person goes to a dive bar, they do so with certain expectations. They expect to be served. They expect to have their thirst quenched. They expect to get drunk without paying a lot of money. They expect that, other than their payment, they will not be required to provide anything to the proprietor. This is the WRONG ATTITUDE when approaching a Pro-Domme.

Think of approaching a prospective Mistress as having more in common with an outing to a new, fashionable club. There’s preliminary legwork that must be done to prepare (such as making a reservation, or learning what the dress code entails). The establishment wants a certain type of clientele because the club’s clientele is a reflection of the club. And because many people want to experience the club, the proprietor can be picky about who gets in. Once inside the club, the visitor’s main expectation is to simply experience the club. The goal is not cheap drunkenness. Instead, it’s to experience the whole ambiance of the club, to relish the very experience of it, and to enjoy drinks that are expertly prepared. It’s a premium experience that is being sought, and it’s not bargain priced.

Knowing this, how should a client tailor their approach to a prospective Mistress?
As a wise person once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Pro-Dommes are approached by numerous prospective clients. Many of these men fall victim to the Mistress’ delete button. Because so many who approach us are time wasters who regard us as masturbation fodder, we have no choice but to discard the e-mails of those who exhibit insensitivity or lack of social awareness. If you properly introduce yourself in that first communication (presumably an e-mail), you will stand out from the crowd and you will please the Domme.

So, keeping in mind the exclusive nature of sessioning with the best Pro-Dommes, and knowing that you must make your very best impression in order to earn the opportunity to serve a Mistress, what protocol should a prospective submissive follow?

Step 1: Do Your Research

You most likely found the Mistress through her website, so read it! Read every word; don’t just perv on her pics. Her website is a reflection of who she is. It will tell you her interests, her likes and dislikes, and (most importantly) how she likes things done. It is basically a virtual version of herself. It is her domain. I repeat, read every word.

Step 2: Exhibit Self-Awareness & Honesty

Someone who is self-aware makes a good client. Know what you want, and know what you are capable of delivering. There is a big difference between fantasy and reality. It may make a good fantasy to envision life as my 24-7 slave, a slave that will do everything I say without question. But please don’t waste my time with your fantasy unless you actually: 1) truly want that, and 2) can provide that. If you have a day job as an attorney or a CFO or an engineer, I don’t think you’re going to be giving that up anytime soon. Don’t waste my time with your masturbatory fantasy. Just keep it to yourself, please. What I would like to know is what you can truly offer me. If what you can offer is a client who would like to session with me every couple of weeks… perhaps because you enjoy bottoming watersports (feel free to insert your favorite fetish here) but don’t have a woman in your life who is into that, THEN SAY THAT! That type of communication shows self-awareness and, hey, it’s honest. Honesty makes a Mistress happy.

Step 3: Don’t Be Creepy

No, of course you’re not creepy, not in your regular life. You’re normal. You have a normal job, a normal family, normal friends, and normal hobbies and interests. Most likely, you probably even have a pretty normal sex life. Please don’t take this opportunity while communicating with a Pro-Domme to suddenly turn into a strange incarnation of yourself. Don’t be a troll, and please don’t harass the Mistress. Approach her as you would any business professional.

Step 4: Be Respectful

Address the Pro-Domme how she wants to be addressed. Some Mistresses want to be called Mistress or Goddess or another title. Other Mistresses prefer NOT to be addressed that way by strangers. If you have read the Mistress’ website completely, she most likely specified how she would like to be addressed.

Send a photo if the Mistress requested you do so, but don’t send graphically sexual photos. If she wants these, she will request them when she is ready for them.

Step 5: Begin Building a Connection

Don’t give empty compliments. Most Dominatrices have an extremely good bullshit meter. Do show her that you are interested in her specifically. What is it about her that attracted you? Begin to also share some personal information about yourself: a physical description, career, location, marital status, whether you have a car (that can be important when considering service submissives, especially). Also, be sure to include the times you are most often available for sessions and, of course, your contact information.

Step 6: Present Yourself Favorably

In your e-mail, put your best foot forward, but also be yourself- the most respectful version of yourself. Every Mistress will have personal preferences regarding the type of submissive with whom she most enjoys playing. You can’t be who you aren’t, so be who you are. Don’t grovel and don’t beg. This generally makes most Dominatrices want to vomit. Try approaching her as a man with respect for himself and respect for all women.


By following the above six steps when approaching a Pro-Domme, you will demonstrate to the Mistress that you are sincere, respectful, and would make an enjoyable, interesting submissive. You will find your success rate with the most desirable Pro-Dommes will increase. You will also find those first few sessions with your new Mistress will be even more enjoyable for both of you.

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Baby Boy Presents

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These days, with ultrasound scanning being done during the pregnancy, many moms-to-be already know whether their baby’s going to be a boy or a girl. This makes it easier to plan the nursery color scheme, buy linen, furnishings and baby items in the right color early enough so that when you come home with the baby, everything is ready and organized for you. However, if you’re a family member or friend of the parents of a baby boy, you can choose from a wide range of gifting ideas and pick the one that fits your budget, the age of the baby and the parents’ lifestyle.

In an earlier era, the gifts that were given to baby boys and baby girls were completely different especially as they grew older. However, nowadays with gender-equality and gender stereotyping being issues that concern all of us, the gifts that are given to babies are more gender neutral and largely from the point of view of practicality, fun, mental stimulation and less to do with the sex of the child. However, some gifting conventions still hold good, hence choosing a gift for a baby boy can veer more towards stuffed toy animals, board-books or cloth-books, stroller blankets, sleeping bags and snuggle-sacks or comforters and towels in shades like blue, gray, white, navy, brown or red.

Clothing and Apparel: Tiny baseball outfits, caps, socks and mittens, sleeping-suits, bibs, soft booties, towels and blankets, bloomers and leggings, warm sweaters, scarves and coats, personalized towels, stroller-sheets and blankets, jump-suits and baby-cocoons with caps, tiny swimming trunks, leg-warmers and socks etc are some of the presents you can get for a baby boy.

Toys and games: The first year of a baby’s life is the most important in terms of brain-growth and mental development. Hence, a wide range of early-years toys, books, puzzles, games and activity sets are available. These are great for baby boys’ presents and you’ll provide hours of fun and entertainment for both parents and baby. Musical DVDs, story-telling DVDs, rhymes and dance music etc can provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Furniture: Cribs, small armoires or chest-of-drawers, lightweight plastic rocking chairs, table-and-chair sets, baby-sized blackboards and easels, play huts and tents, walkers, flip-stools and clothes-racks and hangers are all very useful presents which can last throughout childhood.

Other gifts may include gift-vouchers to various large baby-product stores in town, miniature golf, tennis or baseball sets, pop-up books, cloth-books, bath accessories like plastic or rubber toys, luxury keepsakes like silver spoons and drinking mugs, albums, personalized sleep-wear, monogrammed towels and bibs etc.

Whatever the present you choose for a baby boy, ensure that it’s manufactured from pure, non-allergenic and baby-safe materials, which are non-toxic and don’t chip, scratch or fray easily and don’t have sharp edges.

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Business Stress Relief – 3 Top Tips For a Great Business Presentation Without the Stress

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Business presentations can be very productive or they can be very stressful. The best business presentations are the ones that are stress reduced and full of positive productive energy.

1) Preparation is the first step- but what preparation is necessary to reduce stress? You have to know your topic or the agenda in plenty of time. The highest stress factors are reached when the agenda, if an agenda is even used, is shared minutes before the meeting. A stressful meeting can be produced with an agenda that is shared even 4 hours before the meeting. No matter what is being discussed if adequate preparation is not done then meeting is headed for disaster and stress. You must prepare a complete agenda and share it sometimes as early as a week before the meeting and readdress the agenda a few days before the meeting so that all the participants have plenty of time to prepare their material.

2) Having adequate seating for all the participants- this may seem very simple but if you have to stop the meeting to add extra chairs or tables this distracts from the material being discussed and the speaker. You need to get a list of people who are going to be at the meeting and confirm their commitment. Some meetings need a quorum to conduct an effective meeting.

3) Have an alternate plan- extreme stress occurs when a planned presentation is canceled because the speaker is sick or can not get to the meeting from put of town. An alternative speaker who knows the planned presentation is necessary in this case. If the planned presentation is something very specific and only one person can give the presentation then an alternate presentation must be done. This may mean a rather flexible agenda. Remember the more details that go into a meeting the more possibilities for problems and for stress. You desire is to keep a clear, relaxed, positive mindset and keep in control of the meeting and the preparations.

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Christmas Presents for Your Kid Brother

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Christmas is falling after a few weeks and you are excited as it is an opportunity to reunite with your family. You are working as an executive with an MNC in a foreign country and returning to your country after a gap of 7 months. You have missed your mom and dad too much, and yes, also your kid brother whom you love dearly. You have planned a big bash on Christmas but have yet not decided what you will be giving as Christmas presents to everyone back home. There is nothing to worry though as the market is full of all sorts of Christmas gifts to suit everyone’s budget and requirements. You are not worried about your parents as it is easy to buy Christmas gifts for them. But you know that your kid brother will be expecting something big from you as you are now a working man. To bail you out from this tough situation, here are some outdoor activities that have become very popular as Christmas presents in the last few years.

Story Bridge Climb

You live in Brisbane and have crossed the Story Bridge made across the River Brisbane on a number of occasions. How about climbing the bridge with your kid brother? Well, of late, Story Bridge Climb has become a sporting activity in itself with people being allowed to climb the gigantic steel structure which is a 777 meter climb. It is a fun filled activity with a lot of thrill and excitement and when you attempt it competing with your brother, you know he will be thrilled to pieces. Now that climbers have been allowed to carry their digital cameras, Story Bridge Climb has become even more exciting. You can take as many pictures of your brother climbing the bridge. When you two reach the top, you will get a spectacular view of the city of Brisbane, which in itself is a great feeling. The entire activity takes about 2.5 hours and you can ask mom and dad to stay behind. This would be a wonderful present on the occasion of Christmas for your dear brother.

Tuff Trucks

This is an excellent recreational activity that has been designed to provide a lot of thrill and fun to those who take part in it. These are funny looking vehicles with huge tires and small bodies so made to allow these trucks to overcome all obstacles that come in its way. Initially it is a bit difficult to control the truck but once you learn how to drive, it becomes a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge too. Today there are specially created tracks for tuff trucks driving and lot of people enjoy it much the same way they see it in cartoon films. You can buy gift vouchers for the two of you and enjoy tuff trucks either sitting in the same truck or competing with your brother.

I am sure your brother will just love these unusual sporting activities as Christmas gifts.

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How to Find Cool Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

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His birthday is coming up and you are panicking. You have absolutely no ideas and he is not telling you a word about things that he would like to get. How should you find cool birthday presents for boyfriends that will be just right for him? You don’t even know if he likes cool things at all and you can’t remember him having said anything about things that he would like. OK, he mentioned a new car but that is not within your budget or appropriate for your relationship. Here are some ways for you to find him a cool gift in no time at all…

Big or small

First of all, determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend on birthday presents for boyfriends, and how much is normal at this point? It is not a good idea to give a very expensive gift if you just met and he knows that you are living on a tight budget. The best gift will not give him a bad conscious so look at things that are within your budget. If size matters you can always go for something big that costs a little or something small that costs a fortune. Remember that it is the thought that counts. You could even craft your own gift and make it the best thing he ever got.


There are plenty of cool gadgets to get for a boyfriend. He doesn’t even have to be into them. If you get him something that he can truly use he will enjoy discovering this. Make it personal by adding your initials or something sweet like that. If you know that he loves gadgets it should be simple to find out if his cell phone needs a new cover or if he would like something new for his car. These kinds of gadgets don’t have to be over the top when it comes to price and you can get them through reliable online stores.

Do something together

Don’t forget that you can give him some of your time and company. This might not sound like your regular type of birthday presents for boyfriends, but it can be the most original. Make a pick nick in a strange place or have a date on a roof top. There are so many things that you can do that will become memories for life. Just like you can find lists and gift guides online you can find event ideas to get inspired by. Maybe it is time to head for a spa experience together. This way you will both thoroughly enjoy his birthday!

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Presentation Skills: Connecting With Your Audience

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If you’ve done any presenting at all you can probably think of moments when you could feel that your audience was completely absorbed by what you were saying. Most of us unfortunately have also had the experience of talking to an audience when we just couldn’t seem to make any connection.

When you have a good connection with your audience you are in rapport. You feel good about the presentation, the audience enjoys it and you are more than likely to achieve your objective. If you are not in rapport with your audience, you might as well be talking to yourself! The ability to develop rapport with an audience is what separates the memorable presenter from the merely competent. There are a number of ways to do it.

Lay the foundation for developing rapport by planning every presentation so you give your audience the information it needs and is interested in. When an audience feels you are aware of its concerns and are addressing its needs, you are well on your way to getting into rapport.

Confirm that you understand and can relate to the needs and concerns of the audience in the way you talk. Choose whether it is best to be conversational or formal; use the jargon that the audience uses; and hold their interest by putting variety into your voice and presentation style.

The layout of a venue can determine how easily you connect with an audience. You can choose to sit or stand, use a podium, and stay behind a computer or projector. At each presentation, check that the layout assists you in connecting with the audience.

At a more superficial level, the way in which you dress can also influence rapport. It would be wise to wear your newest, best fitting business suit for a presentation to a group of investment bankers. By contrast, wearing work boots and jeans when you are talking to an informal group of blue collar workers can be just right.

The more you connect with an audience, the more easily you will get your message across. Never underestimate the importance of developing rapport.

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Presentation Success by Romancing Your Audience

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Those of you who regularly deliver business presentations will know the crucial importance of the first few minutes in determining whether you have succeeded in gaining the attention of your audience and thereby building some positive momentum for your own self-confidence.

The opening stage of our presentation is of course where we seek to engage the early interest of our audience in what we have to say, but it is also where we attempt to establish our own credentials with the subject matter. After all, if we are not able to show that we have some significant expertise and authority with our topic, then why should the audience bother to listen to our ideas or recommendations?

But there is something else that we also need to be aiming to accomplish in the opening few minutes of our presentation… and that is to build rapport with our audience. The beginning of any new relationship is a critical time. It is a time for being aware of the other party and their needs, goals and concerns. Usually as a presenter, although not always, we will want to be seen as friendly, warm and approachable.

Let us draw the analogy to going out with someone on a date for the very first time, and wanting very badly for them to form a positive impression of you. How do you initially seek to lay the foundations for this new relationship? Well, you probably give a lot of thought to how you want to look, how you will dress, and the things that you both share in common.

When you first greet your date, you smile and project that you are happy to be with them and that you are looking forward to the time that you will be spending together. You are in the moment with them – not thinking about what happened yesterday nor what may happen tomorrow, but you are very much in the “here and now” with your date!

One thing that you avoid doing is talking too much about yourself on that first date. Otherwise you run the risk of being perceived as self-absorbed. Part of the rapport building process is showing that you are interested in the other person by asking them questions and encouraging them to talk about themselves – their goals, their problems and their aspirations.

Now admittedly this sort of interaction and dialogue is not so easy to do when you are presenting to a large group, although it is something we should be doing when we are delivering a presentation to a smaller size group. However, with a larger group the key principle remains; that is you need to show you understand the goals and problems of your audience, and that you want to explore with them either how their goals can be advanced or their problems alleviated.

So, if opening your presentation is a bit like going out on a date with someone for the first time, then try and remember that the romance will naturally develop by having your focus upon your audience and showing an interest and concern for their needs. You make them feel special by showing them that you appreciate their company and that you respect their time by having given some thought to where you will take them. So loosen up, relax and enjoy your date!

Copyright 2009. Brian Carroll

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